Strategy and management

Compliance programmes

07 November 2008

As the compliance burden grows both in the US and across Latin America, in-house counsel must spend more and more time keeping their programmes up to date. Clare Bolton asks if there is more opportunity for Latin American law firms in guiding their clients through this complex world

The networkers

24 October 2008

A strong network across the region forms the core of Microsoft’s in-house team, finds Rosie Cresswell when profiling the Latin American legal group in Fort Lauderdale

Citi's guiding light

06 October 2008

Right now, Latin America is one of Citibank’s most cherished regions. For Latin Lawyer’s first in-depth study of an internal legal department, Rosie Cresswell profiles a team under pressure but with much to teach

The buck stops here?

01 October 2008

Booming economies have so far helped Latin American law firms escape the worst effects of the depreciating US dollar. But as growth slows and inflation rises, are there problems ahead? Clare Bolton reports

Of the people, for the people

23 September 2008

Colombia's state-owned oil company Ecopetrol is determinedly turning itself into the new Petrobras. Clare Bolton looks at this remarkable change from the perspective of the in-house team and the law firms helping them through it

Global positioning

06 August 2008

Latin American lawyers are infiltrating the world's law firms in ever greater numbers. Rosie Cresswell traces the diaspora

The value of branching out

27 June 2008

The experiment of opening offices across Brazil by various law firms in the 1990s bore mixed results. Those that carried it into the second wave are standing by the strategy, finds Rosie Cresswell

A career like never before

02 June 2008

Our inaugural survey of the members of the Latin American Corporate Counsel Association reveals in-house work now offers a clear career track. By Clare Bolton

Reluctant celebrities

30 April 2008

As Latin America’s media turns its attention to the legal sector, Rosie Cresswell asks the region’s lawyers how they like life in the limelight

Protecting their own

23 April 2008

The Brazilian Bar Association’s rules for foreign law firms are increasingly being seen as protectionist, finds Clare Bolton