REITs in Latin America

07 October 2008

Property may seem a high-risk investment these days, but Latin America is the new frontier for real estate investment trusts, argues former IFC counsel and senior partner of Argentine law firm Pastoriza Eviner Cangueiro Ruiz Buljevich Abogados, Esteban Buljevich, along with partner Celina Penovi and senior associate Juan Matias Etchegoin.

US rescue packages and their Argentine precedents

26 September 2008

Eugenio Andrea Bruno, a partner in Nicholson y Cano Abogados, describes how the legal vehicles being used by the US government to allieviate current market turmoil contain precedents in the Argentine crisis of 2002

Preparing Peru

18 September 2008

Peru has overhauled swathes of its legislative framework to prepare for its FTA with the US, expected to come into force in January 2009. Partners Juan Antonio Egüez and Carlos A Patrón of Payet, Rey, Cauvi Abogados overview the main changes

Tuning in to combating music piracy in Chile

01 September 2008

New laws to combat music piracy are a step in the right direction, but do not go far enough to protect rights holders, argues Juan Cristóbal Guzmán of Albagli Zaliasnik Abogados

The Texans are coming

22 July 2008

The logic of a Texas-based Latin America practice go far beyond energy and Mexico, we found at a roundtable with the heads of practice there

The diplomat

21 July 2008

With heavyweight media groups and encroaching telecoms companies all keen for a piece of Latin America's television sector, the general counsel of a pan-regional broadcaster has to be good at making friends. Rosie Cresswell talks to William Muller of Turner Broadcasting

El Salvador

01 July 2008

Contributed by: Benjamin Valdez Iraheta & Ana María Castro de Langenneger
Rusconi, Valdez, Medina & Asociados Central Law

Costa Rica

01 July 2008

Contributed by: Eric Scharf
Feinzaig, Scharf & van der Putten


01 July 2008

Contributed by: Adriana Rojas and Humberto Pérez
Cárdenas & Cárdenas

The proposed UNASUR court

24 June 2008

Twelve Latin American nations recently paved the way for a pan-regional court. Christian Leathley, counsel at Clifford Chance LLP in New York, examines whether some of the sponsor's lofty hopes for that court are realistic